As you know, website design is a complete mystery. At least it is marketed that way. There is talk about how marketing on the web is so different than marketing. Or how search engines like Google have all of their tricks hidden away only to be ferreted out by the Internet savvy.


Sure, the person building the site needs to understand how search engines work. Yes, they need to adopt traditional marketing to match it up to Internet Marketing. Web designers need to have critical tools to help get the most out of a search engine to drive traffic to your site.

More importantly, your website designer needs to understand business–yours. What you do to satisfy your customers and find more of them. How you deliver your products and services to your clients. What your strengths are when you serve your customers. And how your competitors work so that we know what to attack.

Then we simplify to this:

  • what are the most important ways you attract and keep customers?
  • how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • then build that into your website design so your website design matches your business objectives

The focus of a web designer shouldn’t be programming, or code, or CSS design that will win awards for the latest technology out on the web. No, the focus should be ensuring your objectives are met through your website design so as to create and maintain more business for you.

That’s the Ten Keyboards difference. I’m a business person, not a programmer. I translate business into websites. I help you get your business advantages translated onto your web site to help you get more customers.

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